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The Bang & Olefsen collection provides our customers with the utmost in luxury home audio. Our range of speakers of all sizes and capacities can turn any space in your home into a stage for a rich listening experience. More than a speaker, a Bang & Olufsen sound system allows you to treat your music with the respect it deserves.


A custom-tailored home automation system keeps your home at your command. Your carefully integrated system will operate smoothly and in sync all from one simple-to-use touch screen. Besides audio and video sources, control systems will control many other things like lighting, motorized shades, and alarms just to name a few. Bid piles of remote controls adieu!

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The theater experience is only half complete without quality speakers. Bring out the full force of your movie’s sound and sights along with the rich soul of your music collection to invigorate your sound palette for years to come.


Modern high definition televisions and projection screens come in a wide range of dimensions; ranging from conveniently compact to lavishly large. With wide viewing angles, minimal light reflection, and sleek thin profiles, they’re sure to live up to their job being the center of attention.

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A well designed lighting and shading system is essential in today’s premier modern space. Our lighting and shading controls offer an array of applications that integrate from your mobile device to graphical interfaces representing lighting and shade control for different areas and to cater to different occasions.


Flat Screen TV’s as well as HD video projectors, make it easier than ever to enjoy a theater experience without compromising your superb decor. Discreet speaker systems blend into the design and architecture of a room. And simplified remote controls – set up specifically for you – provide one-touch activation of your entire theater system, from the initial dimming of the lights, to the roll-up of the screen at show’s end.

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The modern space of today can include many of the same communication conveniences as corporate offices, including multi-line telephone/intercom systems and wireless computer networks. Your communications system can make the impossible seamlessly indispensable.